Medical devices. Aerospace. Electronics.


Three completely different industries, but they share one thing.

Manufacturing operations in these industries still don’t fully understand the importance of surface preparation for guaranteeing adhesion.


What do we mean by that?

Success in producing the products in these industries looks different, but is actually achieved in the same way:


Meet FDA surface quality validation standards for patient safety in prosthetics, medical tubing, etc.


Create strong, repeatable & consistent bonds day in and day out


Create strong, repeatable & consistent bonds day in and day out


Minimize device warranty claims that negatively affect brand perception

Which of those sound familiar?

We know the road has been rough when it comes to solving adhesion problems in your manufacturing operation. We’re talking:







adhesive bonding repair in aircraft manufacturing
But there’s good news.

Surface preparation quality before these processes, is no longer a mystery.

The answer has been hiding in your operation all along, and it’s in how you think about your material surface.


Did you know:

The top 2-5 molecular layers of a material surface are all that affects the quality of adhesion.
In order to understand why you’re having adhesion problems, you need to understand your surface, plain and simple.

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