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Process Development Packages

Our Process Development Packages combine deep expertise and knowledge in surface engineering and materials science with our excellent facilities for surface chemical analysis, surface treatment, and mechanical testing, BTG Labs is uniquely positioned to offer process development packages that allow manufacturers to streamline the adoption of robust surface engineering technologies. Our laboratory capabilities give us the ability to thoroughly examine, test, and dissect all steps of the surface preparation process on a molecular level.

BTG Labs offers standard service packages that can be customized to each user’s specific requirements.

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Using water contact angle measurements.

Using the Surface Analyst, this testing provides the first necessary fundamental insight into how well a manufacturer’s part is ready to be bonded or coated both before any surface preparation and/or after various surface treatment processes.



Investigation of surface chemistry differences.

The success of any surface engineering process depends on analysis of the state of the material surface as it enters the process. Typical contaminants include soils, cutting fluids, lubricants, and organic material.

Once differences in cleanliness levels/surface energies are identified and documented, BTG Labs gathers specific information on substances that reside on the surface that may cause failures.

The Characterization package involves careful chemical and physical analysis of the surface state of representative parts or materials.


The development of optimal surface preparation.

Successful surface treatment is defined by the performance specifications established for the finished product, including bond strength, paint adhesion, and corrosion resistance. These performance specifications are used to guide process development. Once a surface has been dissected, this package establishes the baseline performance of the product and then optimizes performance through iterative treatment and testing cycles.


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