The Surface Analyst Advantage

Unlike conventional methods like dyne ink or water break tests, the Surface Analyst is the first tool of its kind to bring lab precision surface quality inspection to the factory floor.

Through the push of a button or automated command, the Surface Analyst takes precise, repeatable and objective inspections giving manufacturers complete control of their adhesion process.

Guide: BTG Labs’ Guide to Adhesion Science for Flawless Manufacturing

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Surface Analyst Products

BTG Labs’ Surface Analyst products equip manufacturers to reduce scrap, recalls and rework caused by adhesion failure and inadequate surface preparation processes.

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Surface Analyst XA

The first tool of its kind for fully automated total surface quality control, providing real-time feedback to continuously monitor and validate surface critical operations.

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Surface Analyst 5001

The Surface Analyst 5001 is BTG Labs’ versatile flagship, handheld surface inspection device that features a flexible tether and a Universal Inspection Head with integrated buttons, status lights and audible feedback. Customizable inspection attachments can inspect complex or hard-to-reach surfaces without the need to be connected to a laptop or tablet.

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Hard-to-Inspect Surface?
Not a problem!

Take surface quality inspections in places you never thought possible. Partner with BTG Labs to design custom inspection feet and fixtures for your unique application.

Case Studies

Learn about how businesses have used Surface Analyst products to improve their manufacturing process, reduced failures and improved profitability.

Film & Flexible Packaging

Kala Adopts New Surface Quality Measurement Method for Better Vendor Compliance

Kala is a technological leader in flexible packaging finishing and printing and was built on the principle of continual improvement through process innovation. So when Kala had plans to improve bonds in a lamination program, they reached out to...

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Film & Flexible Packaging

Identification of a Non-Obvious Contaminant on Polymer Film

A major packaging company was having intermittent problems heat sealing a film used to package paper products. Dyne pens, used to measure surface energy, showed no differences between a “good” film, one that heat sealed appropriately, and a “bad”...

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Medical Device

Verifying Plasma Treatment on Medical Tubing Prior to Coating

Medical device manufacturing is a serious business. It’s a business that directly affects a person’s health and well-being. When a product operates so intimately with a human life, there is no room for failures. The final product must be reliable...

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