Our Approach

Here at BTG Labs, we have decades of industry production and process knowledge, combined with a deep understanding of surface engineering and material science.

Rely on BTG Labs’ expert Process Engineers, Material Scientists, our state-of-the-art Surface Lab and innovative surface inspection products to solve your toughest adhesion problems.

It all comes down to identifying and controlling your Critical Control Points. Controlling where your material surface has the opportunity to change and impact adhesion, allows you to get to the root cause of failure. You can then define the optimal surface preparation processes, identify surface contamination and create an on-going plan to monitor these points to fix the problem once and for all.

Ebook: Predictable Adhesion in MFG Through Process Verification


New Product Development

Partner with BTG Labs to get ahead of adhesion failure and build reliability into your product and production process from the start.

We help to develop performance tests for scale-up, select the appropriate surface preparation process for your material and establish specifications at every Critical Control Point to gain total surface quality control for new products.


Services to Fix Adhesion Failure in Production

Reduce scrap, rework and recall caused by adhesion failure. Partner with our Surface Lab to identify your Critical Control Points, develop and optimize surface preparation processes and implement surface quality specifications to control processes like bonding, coating, painting, cleaning or printing. Fix adhesion failure once and for all.


Free Adhesion Process Walk

Taking this walk is the first step to understanding and controlling adhesion. Let BTG Labs walk your production line to identify your Critical Control Points: anywhere in your production process where the surface condition has the opportunity to change, intentionally or not, and impact adhesion.


Adhesion Process Survey

Follow the roadmap and fix the problem. BTG Labs will provide our manufacturing process and materials science expert staff on-site to execute a survey of current adhesion processes and issues. This survey will provide a complete roadmap to uncover the root cause and eliminate adhesion failure.

A Day in BTG’s Surface Lab

A Day in BTG’s Surface Lab

Join our adhesion experts for a day in our Surface Lab where your personnel will be coached on all things surface science relevant to your application. Learn surface preparation best practices and gain critical surface insights on your specific material system.

Adhesion Process Optimization

Adhesion Process Optimization

Save time and money by working with BTG Labs to optimize your adhesion process for continuous improvement. Baseline the performance of surface preparation processes, qualify or optimize surface treatment systems, and optimize adhesive bond processes.

Contaminant Identification and Remediation

Contaminant Identification and Remediation

Surface Contamination is one of the most common causes of bonding, coating and painting failures. BTG Labs provides chemical analysis to identify contamination and recommend remediation options to control the adhesion process and fix failure.

Surface Analyst Product Care Packages

Surface Analyst Product Care Packages

BTG Labs’ Care Packages will ensure Surface Analyst products are running at their maximum efficiency at all times. Optimize your Surface Analyst experience and learn how to become a care member today.