The first step to controlling adhesion processes is to identify your Critical Control Points—points along your manufacturing process where surface condition has the opportunity to change, intentionally or not, and impact adhesion.

Our approach to identify your CCPs is by walking your production line and following the material surface as it flows through the production process. Identifying your CCPs and establishing inspections at each point will allow control over your adhesion processes and eliminate adhesion failure. Typical results from this walk include:

  • Measure material surface condition of incoming materials from an internal business unit or from external suppliers
  • Understand the impact that aging has on material surfaces that are placed in storage or inventory 
  • Measure the effect of cleaning steps in your adhesion process, i.e. parts washer, ultrasonic cleaning, solvent wiping
  • Measure the effectiveness of surface activation steps in your adhesion process, i.e. corona, plasma, flame, abrasion
  • Understand what state the surface condition is in before the final bonding, coating, painting, printing or welding application takes place.

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