Standard Care Program

Manufacturing equipment is often subjected to rough environments. BTG Labs’ Standard Care Program preserves the quality of your Surface Analyst products and guards against parts failure, common wear and tear and provides the latest version of Archer, the software that powers the Surface Analyst. Choose the Standard Care Program and benefit from:

  • Parts & Labor Warranty - 1-year full parts and labor warranty (included with any Surface Analyst purchase during year 1)
  • Software & hardware maintenance - provides regular software maintenance, upgrades and updates to ensure your Surface Analyst is delivering peak performance at all times.

Comprehensive Care Program

Your Surface Analyst is the key to surface quality control and ensuring your measurements meet requirements keeps your product quality process in check. Stay compliant with routine Surface Analyst calibration. Opt in for Comprehensive Care and benefit from the services included in the Standard Care package as well as:

Annual calibration
  • Includes a 50-point device inspection
  • The Surface Analyst’s measuring performance is verified for accuracy using a precision laboratory balance and LabVIEW software
  • Contact angle is verified using a benchtop goniometer
  • New water cartridge is provided in the device

Loaner instrument - when instrument calibration or maintenance is necessary, our loaner program provides an overnight, emergency replacement to ensure no interruption in productivity.

Discount on accessory spare parts - 10% off all spare parts (not including consumables)

Priority emails and phone calls - Front of the line positioning for device questions

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