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Measurements and pass/fail reading produced in just 2 seconds.


Single button operation and compact design allows for measurements in any direction and on any type of substrate.


Quantitative measurements are precise and non-subjective.


The device takes measurements using highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminating the potential for material contamination.





The Surface Analyst™ 3001

Fast. Easy. Accurate. Non-Destructive.

Surface preparation is a critical manufacturing process. Yet, most manufacturers are behind the surface technology curve and are left dependent on outdated methods (like dyne and water break) that are slow, subjective, or destructive.

BTG Labs has developed an accessible solution that solves all of these problems, bringing surface validation to the factory floor.

The Surface Analyst was created by leveraging our deep experience in surface engineering and materials science. In just two seconds per test, you can now validate that your surface has been reliably prepared for adhesion…every time, every day, every part.

Connect with us below to determine if the Surface Analyst is right for your application.

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  • Aerospace
    • Verify composite, metallic, and ceramic bonding; readings from the Surface Analyst correlate directly with pull strength and shorten prep time
    • Verify in-specification processes that allow for certified bonding in an aerospace environment
    • Verify and differentiate between prep levels
    • Identify contaminants and provide a full audit trail of all inspections performed including specialty coatings, painting, and sealant applications
    • Guarantee surface finish, paint or print adhesion, marking, glass bonding, glass coating, or glass cleanliness in consumer products that are driven by aesthetics
    • Inspect circuit board preparation
  • Automotive
    • Verify surface condition in Formed-In-Place Gasket (FIPG) applications
    • Verify performance of plasma, flame, corona treatments
    • Verify parts-washer systems for cast and machined metal parts; save water, prevent failures downstream or in the field, and guarantee performance in an assembly by controlling your cleaning process and levels
    • Verify cleanliness of critical sealing-surfaces during assembly, whether sealing an engine or a windshield
    • Verify surfaces for interior and exterior paint applications
    • Eliminate destructive testing and adhesion failure by guaranteeing the treatment level of TPOs
  • Medical devices
    • Verify stainless, aluminum, titanium, or polymer surfaces
    • Verify and audit concerns with the shelf-life and uniformity of an antimicrobial coating
    • Verify catheters for antimicrobial and lubricious coating uniformity
    • Identify the presence of silicone in a bonding step
    Consumer goods
    • Guarantee corona treatment, print adhesion, paint adhesion, and prevent critical over- or under-treatment in packaging applications
    • Maintain surface quality during the manufacturing process to reduce scrap, recalls, and customer complaints
  • Fast

    It only takes two seconds to analyze your surface to determine if it is ready to bond, paint, seal, coat, print, or clean

  • Easy

    Users can put the Surface Analyst into production on the factory floor with as little as 15 minutes of training

  • Accurate

    A precise, repeatable measurement is delivered to the user; absolutely no subjectivity involved

  • Non-destructive

    The Surface Analyst uses 1.5mL of highly purified water to provide measurements

  • Hardware features
    • Handheld or use with optional stand
    • Physical Dimensions: 10.8×5.2×22.9 cm (4.2” x 2.1”: x 9”) .5kg (1lb)
    • Measuring head tethered for difficult to access locations
    • Minimum access clearance is 1.2”
    • Operational temperature range of 55°- 90°F (13°- 32°C)
    • 1000 measurements per cartridge
    • Impact-resistant Pelican™ carrying/storage case equipped with:
      • Operating instructions
      • 12 VDC 1.5A power consumption
      • AC power supply rated at 2.5A 100-240v, 50-60Hz
      • Two 7.4 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries
      • 1 extra fluid cartridge
      • 8GB thumb drive
  • Functionality
    • 2-second test time
    • LCD touchscreen operation
    • Integrated ARM processor
    • USB port for data upload
    • 5-hour continuous operation per charge
    • 2-hour charge cycle
    • Analyzes composites, metals, glass, polymers, biological surfaces and some textiles
    • Adjustable, user-specified Pass/Fail limits
    • Optional, user-specified annotations for each inspection
    • Interrogates difficult-to-access surfaces: horizontal, vertical, inverted, blind, contoured, textured Software features
  • Software features
    • Secured login
    • Automatic logging of all test results
    • Multi-level security and automatic logging of all changes to the Surface Analyst settings
    • Custom accessories for hard to access surfaces