Surface Analyst 2001

This fast, easy, accurate and non-destructive device uncovers the number businesses need to reliably predict whether adhesion will be successful.



With the push of a button, the 2001 inspects surface quality in just 2 seconds.


The 2001 model features a flexible pivot inspection head. This model is used for validating surface quality for field service and across large or small flat sheets of material. No connection to a computer or tablet required.


Eliminate scrap resulting from destructive tests such as dyne tests. The 2001 takes inspections using highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminating the potential for material contamination and making inspections completely harmless to users.


Archer, the powerful software that powers the device, streamlines surface quality inspection processes for reliability and consistency without operator involvement.


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Field Service

When a customer calls and complains about a paint, coating, print or adhesive not sticking, service reps now have the ability to take an objective inspection on-site. This gives companies the ability to demonstrate the customer’s effectiveness or lack thereof in their surface preparation.

Download the Surface Analyst 2001 Data Sheet

Simplified Surface Inspections

Simplify your surface quality check. Take objective inspections on your surfaces in just seconds, versus trying to subjectively interpret dyne ink or water break tests for wet-out readings. Ensure successful adhesion by validating surface quality.

Build a Surface Quality Inspection Station

Partner with BTG Labs to design custom fixtures for a complete surface quality inspection station.