Surface Analyst 3001

Control adhesion and validate surface cleanliness in manufacturing by collecting precise, repeatable and objective measurements into the quality of any surface.

Use the handheld 3001 device to take inspections along your production process and map where surface condition has the opportunity to change to get to the root cause of adhesion failure.

surface-analyst-sa3001-black-tethered-front-transparent-product (1475x1546)


Through the push of a button, take highly accurate and quantitative surface inspections in just 2 seconds.


Single button operation, compact design and flexible inspection head allows for inspections on any material, in any direction and on parts with complex geometries. 


Archer™, the powerful software that powers the device, allows users to streamline surface adhesion inspection processes by providing precise and quantitative inspections that are non-subjective.


Eliminate scrap resulting from destructive tests such as dyne tests. The 3001 takes inspections using highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminating the potential for material contamination and making inspections completely harmless to users.


For use directly on the manufacturing floor. This truly portable device isn't tethered to a computer or tablet and has been drop tested in compliance with IEC 61010-1.


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Control Adhesion in Manufacturing

Whether you’re developing adhesion specifications for a new product or dealing with a current adhesion failure in production, the Surface Analyst 3001 will provide the data you need to ensure your surfaces will stick.

Download the Surface Analyst 3001 Data Sheet

Hard-to-Inspect Surface?
Not a problem!

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