Custom Inspection Feet Meet the Needs of Complex Geometries

Whether you are inspecting a heavily dimpled golf ball, a fully-populated pcb board, a convex lens or a metal gasket with narrow channels, these custom inspection feet attachments make the job as easy as though it were a flat surface.

BTG Labs designs custom inspection feet attachments that will give the user complete control over where the measurement is taken on the surface to ensure consistency and accuracy.


Achieve Inspection Consistency with Custom Fixtures

BTG Labs designs and builds fixtures that will keep the Surface Analyst stationary or the material surface in place, removing any variability in inspection placement. Fixtures allow for multiple measurements across a surface that would be nearly impossible if it couldn’t be held still.

We’ve developed custom solutions for inspecting various sizes of catheters on the same fixture, inspecting spherical surfaces and electronic components where it is critical that the water drop be placed in precisely the same spot on each part.

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Hard to measure surface? Not a problem!

Take surface quality inspections in places you never thought possible. Partner with BTG Labs to design custom inspection feet and fixtures for your unique application.