Surface Analyst XA

The XA provides real-time feedback to continuously monitor and validate surface critical operations to ensure adhesion processes aren’t drifting out of spec. This gives you fully integrated, total surface quality control throughout your entire adhesion production process.



Fastest automated contact angle measuring system at over 5,000 inspections per hour.


Comprehensive documentation provides all the information necessary for a quick and easy installation with any automated system or configuration. The flexibility of the XA allows manufacturers to choose the right implementation for their production processes. Whether it’s in-line with a robot, linear actuator, fixed to the line or a stand-alone off-line quality check station.


Archer, the powerful software that drives the XA, provides statistical process control for long-term trend analysis and process drift monitoring.


Non-contact inspection head and use of highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminates the potential for material contamination.


The XA keeps your line connected by providing continuous feedback and automatic data handling into Manufacturing Execution Systems. The statistical adhesion process control keeps you informed about what changes are occurring on your surface overtime due to treatment degradation or other unseen factors that can lead to adhesion failure.


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Flexible Surface Quality Control

The XA is versatile, with applications in such diverse fields as aerospace, medical device, automotive, electronics, film & flexible packaging, consumer products and many more.

Common Material Applications include silicon wafers, machined or casted metal parts, PCBs, electronic displays, polymers, glass, medical tubing, lenses and mirrors.

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Validate Plasma Treatment Inline
with the Surface Analyst XA

Partner with BTG Labs to ensure your surface treatment process is effective 100% of the time.
Watch the full video to see how quick and easy plasma treatment validation on real parts can be.