Contact Angle Measurements on Plasma Treated Polypropylene

The Surface Analyst™ rapidly obtains contact angles from surfaces via Ballistic Deposition, whereby a small drop of liquid (usually water) is constructed in situ on the surface via a pulsed stream of nanoliter-sized droplets.

contact-angle-measurements-and-surface-analysis-of-atmospheric-pressure-plasma-treated-The contact angles established in this manner are a sensitive function of surface chemical composition.

In this work, injection molded polypropylene panels were oxidized to various levels via exposure to an atmospheric pressure plasma treatment process. 

Surface chemical composition was determined via X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), and the chemical composition was related to the water contact angles determined using a Surface Analyst™.



Download the Paper: Contact Angle Measurements and Surface Analysis of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treated Polypropylene