Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility of the Surface Analyst

gage-repeatability-and-reproducibilityGage Repeatability and Reproducibility is a valued measure of a gauge’s appropriateness for use in a specific application.  Although this value is assigned to the gauge itself, it is imperative to carry out the Gage R&R study on samples that represent the range of what is to be expected from the process being evaluated.  Additionally, the measurement/output provided by the gauge should be considered in the design of such a study.

Because the Surface Analyst is a novel device, or gauge, little is known about the best way to conduct this type of evaluation in a meaningful way.  This device obtains information about the surface energy of a material by ballistically depositing a microliter water drop on the material surface.

Through image analysis, the contact angle of that water drop is determined and reported to the user.  This test is not destructive, but taking a measurement in the same location multiple times is not as straightforward as with other gauges.

Premise: This report details the result of a Gage R&R evaluation of the Surface Analyst for use on grit blast titanium exposed to different surface treatments following grit blasting.

Download the report: Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility of the Surface Analyst