Custom Feet for the Surface Analyst 3001

When you need a device that can adapt to any environment, the Surface Analyst 3001 fits all of your needs with its custom, attachable inspection feet. The precisely tailored attachments allow for consistent and controlled quality measurements on surfaces that have never been able to be tested before. From convex lenses and tiny metal channels to small diameter tubing and populated circuit boards, BTG Labs' designs help transform complex geometries into flat surfaces.

This video demonstrates how easy the interchangeable feet are to remove, replace and use to rapidly measure surface quality on various tubing diameters. The feet are designed to snap into place so they are completely stationary for consistent testing use after use. For high rate manufacturing where coating, bonding, sealing or printing failure simply isn't an option, the versatility and speed of the Surface Analyst inspection system makes evaluating surface preparedness faster, easier and more accurate than ever.