Webinar: How Verification of Medical Device Surfaces in Product Development Eases Manufacturing

todays-medical-developments-tmd-logo-1One of the most cumbersome aspects in medical manufacturing can be crossing the chasm between product development and production. This is where oversight groups can make progress sluggish but provides necessary checks for the safest and most reliable products. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make testing in development quick and accurate so they can remove obstacles to scaling up to production.

For medical device manufacturers concerned with verification of cleaning, coating, sealing, printing, or bonding, being able to fully verify products during production can save companies large amounts of time and money. Quickening the pace of scaling new products to production and being able to ensure the quality of these devices is extremely valuable to manufacturers. In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • Obstacles to Scaling Medical Devices from Development to Production
  • The Role of a Material’s Surface Quality in Ensuring Product Reliability
  • How to Navigate Product Changes to Improve Cost, Maintain Performance
  • How ISO 13485 and the FDA’s Quality System Regulation 820.75 Effect Process Control Decision Making
  • Application of Available Production Level Verification Tests: Fibrinogen assays, FTIR, Contact Angle, etc.