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Eureka Moments: Exposing Improper Abrasion Materials

At BTG Labs, it's a daily occurrence for us to have a conversation with a customer who, when explaining the reasoning behind using a particular cleaning method or surface preparation material, tells us they use what they use because it's what they've always done. Sometimes it's written into decades old specifications to use these processes and materials. When legacy processes are so entrenched and yet adhesion problems persist it can be difficult to turn the Titanic around. So, what can you do? 

When adhesion failures occur even with these "time-tested" cleaning and preparation techniques and materials, BTG Labs has solutions for the shrugged shoulders and the technology to prove our case.

From Confusion to Eureka!

In the video below, part of our Eureka Moments video series, we delve into what happened when a customer who does aircraft repair used standard and completely approved abrasion materials, and yet they got some surprising outcomes when we took a closer look at what was actually happening to the metal surfaces being prepared for bonding.

One of our greatest joys at BTG Labs is helping our customers make discoveries about their adhesion process that better equip them to build their most reliable products. The reduction of rework, recalls, delays, scrap, returns and all of the other headaches and dangers that come from adhesion failures is possible when you can look at all of the clues with the right tools.

Utilize Adhesion Expertise

Getting to the root cause and then eliminating adhesion issues in manufacturing takes a deep knowledge of several things:

  • the chemistry behind adhesion
  • the manufacturing process steps specific to the application at hand
  • how each step is actually changing the surface being prepared
  • the best methods of validating that the proper changes are being made to the surface
  • what to do if previously trusted preparation steps and materials are proven to be ineffective

Watch the video below to see how we were able to help uncover the culprit that was introducing contamination into the adhesion process and how we leveraged our expertise, experience and equipment to arrive at the solution.

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If you want to gain more insight into your adhesion process, learn how to fully control your cleaning and bonding operations, or to have a Eureka Moment of your own, then download our eBook: BTG Labs' Guide to Adhesion Science for Flawless Manufacturing. This handbook will help you see your manufacturing process in a whole new light, leading to better products and more efficiency.