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"We Speak Dyne, Too" Learn How in BTG Labs' New Video

In some industries--including film and flexible packaging--dyne is the primary language. BTG Labs’ Surface Analyst uses water contact angle measurements as a fast easy, objective, and non-destructive alternative to dyne inks.

The main concern we hear from manufacturers is that both the suppliers and the customers speak dyne as their standard.

The answer is the Surface Analyst’s Dyne Mode. This unique feature takes the Surface Analyst’s default contact angle measurement and automatically converts the measurement into a dyne/cm readout, directly on the instrument. This mode allows manufacturers to maintain their investment in the dyne measurement language.

BTG Labs believes in dyne measurements, but not dyne inks. Manufacturers using dyne inks struggle with inaccuracy and subjectivity, leaving much room for error. Furthermore, because of dyne inks' destructive nature, users can’t measure on the actual part. This leaves dyne inks virtually impossible for testing the part on the factory floor.

This new video shows the Surface Analyst measuring across a sheet of film with ease, accuracy, and objectivity: leaving no room for guesswork. Not only does the non-destructive Surface Analyst overcome the issues of dyne inks, it is a replacement that can be used right on the factory floor.

The Surface Analyst speaks dyne too, so measurements come out in a language that the manufacturer, supplier, and customer can all understand without sacrificing parts and inaccuracy. The Surface Analyst verifies and monitors the quality of film surface, right on the factory floor and instantly improves quality control without even having to leave the factory floor, or discard the product being tested.

Watch the full video here and learn about optimizing critical control processes on film and flexible packaging.