Solve Complex Adhesion Problems in Automotive Manufacturing

BTG Labs boasts relationships with some of the world’s top automotive manufacturers and tier 1 and 2 suppliers. We help these companies gain control of advanced materials and processes to ensure their bonds can withstand the rigorous requirements of the industry. 

Common Automotive Applications

  • Set quantitative cleanliness specifications for RTV and FIPG sealing
  • Verify surface quality for metal and composite bonding
  • Validate polymer surfaces are optimally prepared for bonding, painting or coating
  • Optimize washer systems by determining when washer fluid should be changed
  • Eliminate sealing failure for automotive headlights
  • Validate coatings on electronics and cabling
  • Develop surface cleanliness specifications for painting and priming
  • Establish a quantifiable surface specification for materials from suppliers
  • Understand the effects of aging and storage on surface quality
  • Develop exact treatment levels for plasma and flame treatment Monitor surface cleanliness in battery manufacturing

Automotive Case Studies

Learn about how businesses have used Surface Analyst products to improve their manufacturing process, reduced failures and improved profitability.

Optimizing Parts Washer Efficiency for FIPG

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Bonding Composites: Breaking Down the Surface Preparation Process

An innovative spacecraft manufacturer used composite materials for a structural component of their ship. These composite components were manually prepared and bonded together.  The company lacked an accurate, ... Read More

Determining the Sweet Spot of Flame Treatment in Automotive Interior Parts

In 2014, a large manufacturer of automotive exteriors and interiors encountered a problem consistently adhering paint to their dashboards due to an inappropriate use of their flame treatment.

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Our Automotive Customers

Some of the most successful brands in the world choose BTG Labs to partner with for their critical surface applications. Every day, companies trust the Surface Analyst to validate their surface quality because they know they can trust their results will be fast, easy, accurate and non-destructive. We strive to continue relationships with innovative, creative and successful companies.